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The Calligraphy Society of Tasmania, a not-for-profit organisation, was founded in 1988 to provide a meeting point for all interested in calligraphy, lettering, and associated arts and crafts, and to encourage community interest in calligraphy.

The Society is based in Hobart, and meets monthly. We conduct regular workshops with local, interstate and international practitioners. Biennial exhibitions are held, and our journal, The Dancing Pen, is published quarterly. A collection of books and audio-visual materials is also available for loan to members.

If you are interested in calligraphy, traditional or modern, and associated arts and crafts, such as making books, illumination, experimenting with papers and writing tools, you are most welcome to join the Society.


The annual fee, due in March, is $30 for basic membership. This entitles you to full access to the members’ website, together with electronic access to each issue of The Dancing Pen journal, members’ rates at workshops and minutes of the monthly meetings, which you are encouraged to attend if you live locally or are visiting. Deluxe membership of $50 entitles you to paper copies of the quarterly journal, in addition to the above.

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