0 thoughts on “Images tagged "tour-companies"

  1. Robyn Colman

    Yay Elsa, that is so intricate! I really like the contrast between the plain and the stitch-knitty every which way. So there is life after the garden …

  2. Elsa Schwan

    Thanks Robyn, the very scribbly lettering tells my story of how I feel about the virus and quarantine so I have called it “Life in a Time of Corona Virus”. Remind you of anything? I have a half formed plan for a more complex weaving thing but dont yet know if i could pull it off.

  3. Jane Stanton

    It’s like a staticky television. Our world gone awry. I presume you mean “Love in the time of cholera” Elsa. I think I read it, but a long time ago.

  4. Jane Stanton

    Well done Olive, that looks great. I like the big brush strokes that go through the composition, makes me think of Massimo. The black splodges echo the corona virus, a blot on our landscape at the moment. It’s presenting us with some unusual opportunities though, like our Zoom class with Jo.

  5. Jo-Ann Cromack

    So I wonder if the spikey top of the coronet relates to the spikey outside of the corona molecule?
    Try drawing the coronet using letters only!

  6. Robyn Colman

    Getting back to golden autumn is more tempting than hanging out with the virus, I’m afraid. And yes, the rounded points on the stalks of the virus as depicted in the various media logos does resemble various coronet designs. Have a look at “coronet” on wikepedia.

  7. Robyn Colman

    Well spotted: the background is a lump of water-soluble graphite that I dabbed with a damp sponge and then dabbed on the page. (Having first tried painting it but rather badly.) And yes, the leaves are stylised acanthus – as in a French Duke’s hat.

  8. Ailsa Fergusson

    They are old geological maps, so decided to turn then into new geological strata. University of Tas has been getting rid of all their old paper maps, and I was lucky enough to score some of them. The individual boxes were made 10x10cm to fit the criteria for the exhibition.

  9. Robyn Colman

    I like the sense of tilt Carol – everything feels skew whiff at present, doesn’t it. I’m glad you show us still on our axis despite the uneasiness.

  10. Jane Stanton

    Well, I only noticed when you pointed it out Carol! Quite right, there are other things to worry about. Generally, we don’t read the words I think. Pattern and effect takes precedence.