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Two consecutive one-day workshops. www.julieannwilliams.com.au

* When you register for this workshop you will be registering for both days.

  • Fee $180 members/$250 non members
  • There will be an additional fee for the paper used for embossing
  • Times for both workshops will be 10am – 4pm

‘ART of EMBOSSING’ – Day 1 at Rosny Library

Embossing is the art of shaping images so that they are raised above the surface of the paper casting subtle shadows. Traditionally, embossing has always given an appearance and feeling of quality. In this workshop, you will discover the striking and delicate art of embossing and learn how to cut your own embosses from easy to intricate 3 dimensional designs, using both alphabetic and decorative elements. Enhance your work with delicate colouring and decorative effects to create stunning designs which can be used agin and again in your calligraphy and paper projects.

ART OF EMBOSSING material list website

‘MONO-RIFFIC and More’ – Day 2 at Warrane Neighbourhood House

Monoline lettering has no thick or thin differentiation – all strokes are the same weight. Using “B” style nibs, pencils, pens and a few extra surprises, students will explore the possibilities of monoline scripts taking inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright and Hans-Joachim Burgert. Creative projects including cut paper ideas and watercolour techniques will be a bonus on the day.

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